My name is Lamya Amatullah. I am a woman who is interested in initiating dialogue among women throughout the world in order to promote healing, reflection, spirituality, success and plain old joy!

I have experienced a lot in my life-some good and some bad. The main thing I have learned is that one of the most important elements needed for women to feel whole is to have a voice. Unfortunately, many women have a voice, but do not have an outlet in which to be heard. Others have a voice but have yet to find it.

Grassroots is a platform for everyone to be heard and/or find their voice. We will discuss issues that are real and important to us. Together, we will build a community that is safe, caring and true.

Grassroots' name was chosen for this blog because we are the people who might not normally have a voice. Many times our thoughts, beliefs and values are overlooked and we are not supported by the majority. However, this will not happen at Grassroots where EVERYONE has a voice. Everyone will have a voice and we will grow together and flourish.

Below, I have included a prayer schedule. There are also two links which allow you to look up recipes and find out which fruits and vegetables are in season in your area. After all, we need this too!

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Much love,

Lamya Amatullah

Friday, June 24, 2011

What is Really Going on?


How is everyone?  Fine, I hope.  I missed posting last night due to extreme weather in my neck of the woods!  We had a tornado warning for about two hours and then it poured down raining for a very long time.  I got home just before all of this started.  I am very thankful to God that my family and I are safe.  During times like these, all you can do is begin to make dhikr and that is what I did along with dua' for our safety.

I realize this is the time of year for tornadoes/thunderstorms/hail and all that but I don't recall it ever being so severe.  I certainly believe the Lord is trying to tell us something with all of these natural disasters lately.  We need to focus on what is real, remain focused on the prize and put all of our childish ways aside. There is nothing like treacherous weather to get me back in focus...what about you?

May Allah strengthen our iman and keep us on the straight path.  It does seem we are living in the last days and I pray that the weaknesses I possess are corrected and I can be of assistance to all who I come in contact with.  Ameen.

Now, I have gotten some comments from sisters who are interested in starting a "Biggest Loser" type of activity on our blog.  Please leave a comment on here if you are interested and we will try to begin in July.  Below, you will find some things I would like to do to get this thing started!
  1. Weigh in
  2. Set small term goal
  3. Together, determine a way that we will treat ourselves and each other online when we reach our goal
  4. Share why we want to lose our weight
  5. Share ideas on how to lose our weight
  6. Share good, healthy recipes and other things that have worked in the past
  7. Be a support system for each other when we are feeling good and bad
  8. Share weekly progress
Let us hear your voice!

Until next time,

Live, laugh, love

Lamya Amatullah

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